This actually happened. In 2007, Corey Taylor, a private consultant, had finally had enough of what he thought was terrible cell service. But when he learned that he would have to pay $175 to break his contract with his service provider, he saw red (and not just because that’s the official color of this wireless giant). And so, as any red-blooded American would do, he typed a fake death certificate and had a friend send it off to the wireless provider. Unfortunately for him, this apparently wasn’t their first rodeo, so to speak, and the wireless provider’s billing department quickly saw through this scheme.

While we can all admire Mr. Taylor’s ingenuity and determination, we at Sussman Law Firm would be compelled to strongly advise against this kind of response, as it is not only woefully ineffective, but also all kinds of illegal.

Having said that, we are in business not to help giant multinational corporations bully hard-working people into coughing up their hard-earned money, but rather to provide one-on-one legal advice and representation to every-day people just like you. Don’t understand a contract you’re about to sign? Have us take a look at it. Need to draw up a contract of your own? We have you covered. Want to upgrade to the latest iPhone? Sorry, can’t help you there…but just remember, the next time you need an attorney, there’s no need to fake your own death, just call Sussman Law Firm, or surf on over to, where clients and results always matter!