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Hurt in an Accident? Take These 5 Steps to Protect Your Claim

Hurt in an Accident? Take These 5 Steps to Protect Your Claim

Car accidents happen every day, but when it happens to you, it can be a very scary experience. These events can cause serious and immediate injuries, or they can result in injuries that only really present themselves a day or two after the accident. With this in mind, it is important to take the right steps immediately following the crash to protect your legal rights. While not all car accidents result in a lawsuit, you want to be able to make a strong case if yours does. Taking the following steps as quickly as possible after your accident will ensure you have all your options on the table.

Call the Police Immediately

You need to contact the police immediately after every accident, even if it seems minor. The police will make a report about what happened, which can be invaluable should you need it in court. Additionally, your insurance company will likely need the police report number in order to process your claim. Of course, the police will also be able to help you and anyone else who may have been injured in the accident.

Take Pictures of the Accident Scene

As soon as you are able, get pictures of the accident scene. If you can do it immediately, that is ideal. If you have to be transported to the hospital, then make sure to come back and take pictures. You can even ask a witness to take pictures or have a friend or family member come over to do it. Make sure to get pictures of any damage to all vehicles involved, any skid or brake marks on the pavement, and anything else that seems relevant. In addition, get pictures of your injuries if you get any.

Get Seen by a Doctor & Request Records

Most people know that if they are seriously hurt, they need to go to the hospital in an ambulance. Even if you’re not obviously injured right at the scene of the accident, however, it is a good idea to get seen right away. Doctors can look for indications of back or neck injuries that could otherwise be missed. Any information taken down by the doctor should be copied so it can be presented to your attorney should a lawsuit become necessary.

Follow ALL Doctor’s Instructions

The doctors will almost certainly give you instructions on how to deal with the injuries you have experienced. This could include taking medication, seeking physical therapy, and returning for follow up appointments. Make sure you follow these instructions perfectly. If you don’t follow the doctor’s advice, the opposing attorneys may try to argue that your injuries weren’t that serious since you didn’t even follow the instructions of your medical team.

Consult with a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you really need to talk to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as you can. If you contact Sussman Law Firm, we can meet with you and review all the facts surrounding your accident. We’ll then let you know whether pursuing legal action makes sense or not, and if it does, we will work hard to get you everything you are entitled to.

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