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How to Support a Loved One Through Separation and Divorce

How to Support a Loved One Through Separation and Divorce

January tends to be a big month for divorce. Going through a divorce is an emotionally draining process for the people involved and often for their family and friends.

It can be difficult to gauge the best ways to support your loved one during this time. Here are a few easy ways to navigate the topic throughout the process.

Be a Good Listener

There’s a lot of information and emotions to process when a marriage is dissolving. The people in the middle of a divorce often need to vent and express their feelings. Simply listening to them and reserving judgment or advice can help your loved one tremendously.

Stay Positive

It can be tempting to bash your friend or sibling’s soon-to-be ex-spouse, but it’s always better to keep those comments to yourself. Especially in the initial stages of separation and divorce, there may be a possibility of reconciliation and you could soon regret revealing your negative feelings about the other party. Your friend is also likely emotionally conflicted about the divorce already and your input could run the risk of confusing or hurting them further.

Be Practical

There are many logistical issues with separating and divorcing. Your loved one will likely feel overwhelmed while trying to make living and financial arrangements. If you are in the position to offer support, helping your friend with transportation or occasional childcare so they can meet with their attorney can go a long way.

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