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The laws that apply to foreign residents traveling to and living in the United States are complex and constantly changing. While securing a green card or becoming a citizen is a challenging process, favorable outcomes are often available with the help of an experienced attorney.

Likewise, it can be beneficial to rely on seasoned legal counsel when your immigration status is at stake. Deportation proceedings can change the lives of you and your loved ones, but you have options for fighting back. No matter your issue, let a Gastonia immigration lawyer advise you of your options.

Applying for Visas

One of the most common reasons for seeking help from an immigration attorney in Gastonia is the visa application process. Whether a person hopes to relocate to the U.S. or just come here temporarily, a visa is a necessary part of traveling here legally.

There are numerous visa programs under federal law. Some provide non-residents with a path to citizenship, while others are temporary in nature. The most common examples include:

Employment-Based Visas

Countless people come to the United States each year for work purposes. Others who already live in the country while completing their education are able to remain, thanks to employment-based visas. With this option, the worker typically must be sponsored by a prospective U.S. employer.

Family Visas

Another common option is the family visa. There are different priorities based on the applicant’s relationship with either a citizen or a legal resident. Generally, immediate family members sponsored by people who are citizens have top priority.

Travel Visas

Many people come to this country to visit. Some of these individuals are on vacation, while others intend to catch up with loved ones or attend a family event. These are always temporary visas with a set expiration date. It is important to note that remaining in the country after that date can result in serious consequences, including deportation.

Defending Against Deportation and Removal

It is important to acknowledge that not all immigration cases are positive. In cases where there are allegations of criminal or immigration law violations, the federal government has the power to pursue deportation and removal proceedings.

Fortunately, numerous avenues are available for pushing back against the federal government at every stage of the deportation process. Unlike criminal defendants, immigrants facing removal proceedings cannot access government-provided legal counsel. Therefore, seeking guidance from private attorneys who understand the system could be beneficial.

There are different strategies that might be useful when fighting against removal. Some of the options for a positive outcome in these proceedings include:

  • DACA status
  • Criminal waivers
  • Adjustment of status
  • Temporary Protected Status
  • Violence Against Women Act protections

In addition to strategies designed to keep a person in the country, other options might limit future consequences, like voluntarily departing from the U.S. An immigration attorney in Gastonia could serve as an advocate during this trying process.

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You have the right to hire legal counsel for your immigration issues. Whether you hope to relocate to the U.S. or you have been notified of pending deportation proceedings, the support of an attorney could make all the difference in your case. Reach out to a Gastonia immigration lawyer from our firm as soon as possible to learn how we could help.

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