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Many illegal immigrants are preyed upon by criminals who take advantage of their victim’s status and the fact that many illegal aliens will not report a crime because they fear deportation.

Thankfully, obtaining a U Visa provides victims an opportunity to safely report the crime without being deported. With a U Visa, victims of a crime in the U.S. who are illegally in the country are protected if they assist law enforcement in catching and prosecuting the perpetrator.

If you have been victimized, you need an immigration attorney who understands the requirements to qualify for a U Visa. At Sussman Law Firm, PLLC, an experienced Charlotte U Visa lawyer will work to make sure you are protected. En Español

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Qualifying for a U-Visa.

First created as part of the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act passed by Congress in 2000, U visas are meant to serve the dual purpose of protecting vulnerable people from serious criminal activity and facilitating the prosecution of criminals known to take advantage of undocumented immigrants. To be eligible for a U visa, an immigrant must have experienced at least one of the following crimes:

  • Abduction, false imprisonment, kidnapping, and hostage-taking
  • Rape/sexual assault or abusive sexual contact, including female genital mutilation and incest
  • Human trafficking, including sex trafficking
  • Blackmail and extortion
  • Felony assault
  • Manslaughter and murder
  • Perjury, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering
  • Stalking

Additionally, to be a candidate for a u visa, an immigrant must have information about the criminal activity in question that would be helpful to law enforcement and/or prosecutors. They also must be willing to assist with an ensuing criminal investigation and/or prosecution. Finally, applicants must not be inadmissible to the United States based on any of the criteria listed under 8 U.S. Code §1182.

If you believe you qualify for a U visa, a knowledgeable attorney in Charlotte could assess your situation and help you get started on the application process.

U Visas as a Pathway to Permanent Residency.

There are numerous forms and documents involved in the U visa application process, including Form I-918, supplements signed by law enforcement affirming that the applicant has already helped or will help in the future with investigation or prosecution, a personal statement describing the negative impact of the specified criminal activity on the applicant, and evidence to support claims made in other forms. A U visa lawyer in Charlotte could help you handle all these steps or apply through consular processing if you are outside the U.S.

How Long Do U Visas Last?

Once granted, a U visa remains valid for four years, with extensions available under limited circumstances. For instance, if an application experiences processing delays or law enforcement requests additional assistance with an investigation, a U visa might get extended.

Once someone has lived lawfully in the U.S. on a U visa for three years and complied with the requests of a law enforcement agency, they may be eligible to apply for Legal Permanent Resident status and obtain a Green Card. Our legal team could assess your situation and help you determine whether this pathway is an option.

A Charlotte U Visa Attorney Could Help.

U visas can serve as a vital source of protection and support for people without legal status who have fallen victim to serious criminal activity in the U.S. However, USCIS only makes a limited supply of these visas available each year, so even a small mistake or omission from your application could reduce your chances of getting one.

Guidance from a Charlotte U visa lawyer could make a huge difference in how effectively you can advocate for yourself and achieve the protection you need. Call today to discuss your options.

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