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Charlotte Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer.

While planning a wedding, the last thing on people’s minds is what would happen if the marriage ultimately came to an end. However, having a prenuptial agreement (also known as a “prenup”) in place can put you and your prospective spouse at ease by providing a degree of certainty in case things go wrong down the road.

Although some are reluctant to create a prenup because they view it as distasteful or unlucky, we believe it is always better to hope for the best, but to plan for the worst. Guidance from an experienced family attorney can go a long way towards simplifying and streamlining this planning process. With a capable Charlotte prenuptial agreements lawyer on your side, you’ll be able to protect your best interests, comply with state law, and draft a contract tailored to your unique needs. En Español

When Is a Prenup a Good Idea?

Establishing a prenuptial agreement is the best course of action for a couple who may want to specify how assets will be divided in order to protect their children from a previous relationship. Another instance when a prenup may be helpful is if there is a significant difference between the amount of assets or liabilities between the parties.

Even if there are no major concerns over existing assets or children, making decisions before the wedding can help the couple start their marriage on the right foot and avoid disputes later on. Alternatively, after a couple marries, they could consider drafting a postnuptial agreement, which is essentially the same as a prenup except for the fact that it is created after vows are exchanged. A Charlotte prenuptial agreements attorney could discuss your specific circumstances and needs in detail during a private initial consultation.

How State Law Governs Prenuptial Contracts

Unlike with many other aspects of the marriage and divorce processes, state law does not impose a great deal of specific restrictions on how prenuptial contracts can be written. The only hard rules governing the drafting process itself are that a prenup must be in writing, signed by both parties, and fair to both parties based on each of them fully disclosing all their assets and debts to the other.

Each party to a prenuptial agreement must also have their own Charlotte lawyer, since state courts do not view agreements like this as valid if one attorney represents both parties. It is worth noting as well that prenups cannot make binding determinations about anything related to child custody or child support obligations, as a court must always approve those sorts of arrangements before they can be legally enforced.

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Getting married is an incomparably exciting moment in your life, but it is also a very big decision that can have substantial financial and personal implications for both you and your spouse. While it is more than understandable to want to put negative thoughts and possible future problems out of mind in the months before your wedding, it can often be very helpful in the long term to address potential issues in advance by drafting a prenuptial contract with a legal professional’s assistance.

At Sussman Law Firm, our skilled legal team members handle a wide range of family law issues for clients at every stage of life, including before or right after the beginning of a new marriage. Speak with a Charlotte prenuptial agreements lawyer today to learn more.

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