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Asylum status for foreign nationals may be granted for those who are subject to persecution or torture if they return to their country of origin.  Since asylum cases can be difficult to win, you will need a team of qualified and experienced immigration attorneys on your side to fight for your protection.

With proper documentation and the threats to your safety in your home country, a Charlotte asylum lawyer can help you prepare your case. The eligibility for asylum is complex, so if you think you may qualify, you should have your circumstances evaluated to determine your chances of success. En Español

Who Is Eligible for Asylum?

It is important to note that not everyone that applies for asylum will be successful. There are strict eligibility requirements that come with this program, and USCIS enforces these requirements rigorously. An attorney in Charlotte could explain the eligibility criteria and determine whether you qualify to apply for asylum.

In order to qualify for asylum, you must have fled your home country due to persecution or the well-founded fear of persecution. This persecution must be related to your identity or beliefs, such as your:

  • Membership in a social group
  • Nationality
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Political opinion

For most people, the most difficult aspect of the asylum process is proving persecution based on these factors. It can be difficult to show a reasonable fear of persecution, especially in cases where it has not occurred in the past. Given these challenges, it is crucial to rely on experienced legal counsel during the process of applying for asylum.

It is also necessary for your fear of persecution to be “well-founded.” Whether or not fear is well-founded largely depends on if you can provide objective facts that point to the dangers you face upon returning to your home country. Our legal team can help with proving these factors.

Does Persecution Have to Result from a Government Body?

Many acts of persecution occur at the hands of government agents. While anyone suffering this type of persecution can certainly qualify for asylum, it is worth noting that government involvement is not a requirement to meet the definition of persecution. You could also qualify for asylum in the United States if you suffer persecution at the hands of other parties.

For example, guerrillas or paramilitary groups that operate outside of the structure of the government often persecute particular groups or sets of people. If you experienced persecution from a guerilla group that is not associated with a government body, our experienced Charlotte lawyers could help you prove that you qualify for asylum.

What is Defensive Asylum?

Many people apply for asylum as soon as they enter the United States. In fact, federal law usually requires you to apply for asylum within one calendar year of entering the country. However, not everyone that pursues asylum applies in this way.

Instead, many individuals pursue defensive asylum. This method involves using an asylum claim as a defense during deportation and removal proceedings. With this approach, it could be possible to pause deportation proceedings while the government processes your asylum application.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that defensive asylum will be successful. To give yourself the best chance at success, you should prioritize discussing your asylum options with a skilled Charlotte lawyer.

Talk to an Asylum Attorney in Charlotte Today

A favorable decision in an asylum case can be a life-altering development for you and your loved ones. Given how important the outcome of your case it, it is crucial that you seek out experienced legal counsel as soon as possible.

Our attorneys at Sussman law firm have experience representing immigrants pursuing asylum status. We understand the obstacles you will face in the process and the potential consequences you could endure if you are forced to return to your country. We will work tirelessly to assist you in obtaining asylum as quickly and effectively as possible. Call our office today to schedule your initial consultation.

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