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For many people, few goals are more important than immigrating to the United States. Making a life and building a career in this country is worth aspiring to, but that does not mean the process is easy. Every year, countless applicants are turned away. You might be able to avoid this outcome with the help of a compassionate attorney.

If you are planning to immigrate to the U.S. or are fighting to remain here, the choice of legal counsel could impact your case dramatically. With the right support, a favorable outcome may be possible. Let a Matthews immigration lawyer review the facts and help you navigate the system.

Immigrant vs. Non-Immigrant Visas

There are many reasons to come to the United States, and countless visa programs to make these dreams possible. In general, they are broken down into two categories: immigrant and non-immigrant visas.


This option exists for foreign residents who hope to make a permanent home in the United States. To do so, they will need to obtain what is known as a green card. A green card is a type of visa that grants an immigrant lawful permanent resident status. That status allows a person to live and work in the country indefinitely while providing them with a path to citizenship.

Federal law provides many different options for those intending to immigrate to the United States. Some common examples of immigrant options include employment and family-based visas.


There are also opportunities for an individual to come to this country for a specific purpose before returning home without permanently relocating. Non-immigrant visas expire on a set date, and the holder must leave the country before that happens.

A foreign resident could have numerous reasons for seeking one of these options. Some of the most common examples include short-term employment, vacations, or education.


Many people come to the United States because they are fleeing violence in their home country. When a person comes to this country due to the fear of imminent persecution, they may qualify for asylum status.

Asylum is intended for those facing persecution due to a factor in their lives that is protected under federal law. This could include their gender, religion, or political beliefs.

Applications for asylum are never guaranteed to be successful, and many are turned away each year. An immigration attorney in Matthews could give you the best chance of success.

Deportation Defense

Your reasons for seeking out legal counsel might have less to do with coming to the United States and more with staying here. Non-citizens face the risk of deportation and removal if they are convicted of a crime or otherwise violate immigration laws.

It is possible to fight back against these removal efforts. In some cases, it may be enough to show the government that they made a mistake that wrongfully led to these proceedings. In other situations, an attorney could make the case to federal agents that prosecutorial discretion is needed. That means the government chooses to drop its efforts to remove an individual due to their character or close ties to family members who are U.S. citizens.

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If you are in need of support, it is vital you seek out legal counsel as soon as possible. Federal laws are complex, and a mistake could cost you dearly.

Let a Matthews immigration lawyer answer your questions and guide you along the way. Call today to learn more.

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