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Charlotte Adoption Lawyer

The most common type of private adoption is a step-parent adoption.   Step-parent adoptions are a great way to bring blended families together.  This type of adoption is for step-parents who want to adopt his or her spouse’s child from a previous marriage or relationship.  A Charlotte adoption lawyer can help you navigate the entire process to become the legal father or mother of your step-child.

Although step-parent adoptions can be uncontested, sometimes the absent parent refuses to consent to the adoption or can’t be located.  Depending on the involvement of the absent parent in previous years, we can arrange to terminate their parental rights by law.

Completing a private adoption, even step-parent adoptions can be complex.  If you need legal help with completing a private adoption, do not wait to contact a skilled family attorney at the Sussman Law Firm, PLLC schedule a consultation today. En Español

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