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Protecting Your Green Card Status

Protecting Your Green Card Status

Obtaining a green card doesn’t guarantee your permanent residency status for life. There are certain rules to follow and steps required in order to maintain your green card.

If you’ve been through the process, you know that the path to permanent residency was long and expensive, which is even more of a reason to make sure you don’t lose your privileges.

Any individual who violates the following rules may have their green card status revoked:

1. Criminal Activity

Certain criminal activity can lead to having your green card revoked and even deportation. Although any criminal history would have been evaluated by USCIS during your initial application period, any new violations can create an issue.

Any changes in your criminal history should be discussed and evaluated with an experienced immigration attorney.

2. Leaving the U.S. for an Extended Period

Your green card can be revoked if your residence in the U.S. is considered “abandoned.” Although there are many factors that will be considered to determine abandonment, this can happen if you spend six months or more in another country per calendar year. Your permanent residency card will become invalid for reentry into the U.S. if you remain out of the country for one year or more with some exceptions.

There are many other actions (or inactions) that can jeopardize your permanent status. Our expert immigration attorneys are ready to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today!

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