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If your family member has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), now is the time to look into a bond. This could provide them with the fastest opportunity to obtain their freedom while navigating the court system.

The support of a compassionate attorney can be invaluable during this process. This opportunity is not always available, so it can be helpful to rely on the guidance of a Charlotte immigration bond lawyer.

Understanding Immigration Bonds

An immigration bond is money paid by an individual to the Department of Homeland Security to secure release from federal immigration detention. The reason a person might be held can vary, from entering the U.S. unlawfully to overstaying a visa.

The government holds this money pending the completion of the immigration case. Not everyone will qualify, as individuals facing prosecution for serious criminal offenses face mandatory detention.

The amount of time a person has been in the U.S. is also relevant. Someone who is detained at the moment they enter the country unlawfully might be held without bond unless they make a claim for asylum. Without any credible fear of returning home due to some protected status, these immediate arrivals will likely remain in custody. A Charlotte immigration bond attorney could help someone understand their options for posting a bond.

How The Immigration Bond Process Works

There are different points when it may be possible for you to secure a bond. The first of these options occurs immediately when an individual is detained. An official at the local ICE office may be able to issue a bond at the initial stage of a case, but only under certain circumstances. They lose this ability once an immigration judge is involved.

Some people are able to obtain their bond directly from the assigned judge. This requires a bond hearing, which is a proceeding held to determine whether releasing an individual is a good idea.

At the hearing, a judge will take into consideration many factors. This includes positive factors like an extensive employment history or numerous dependents who rely on them. They will also look at negative issues like previous immigration law violations or criminal arrests.

The court has a tremendous amount of leeway in these situations. Relying on the guidance of a Charlotte immigration bond attorney might put you in the best position for success.

The Value of Legal Counsel

Although it may be possible for someone to obtain a bond directly from an ICE agent at the time they are detained, this approach is not always successful. You will typically have better luck at a bond hearing, especially with legal counsel by your side. This is due in part to the ability of your attorney to get in touch with ICE prior to the hearing. In many cases, it may be possible to negotiate a bond.

Having a lawyer can speed up the process, which means spending less time in jail waiting for a hearing. They could also make a stronger argument if seeing a judge becomes necessary.

Talk to an Immigration Bond Attorney in Charlotte Today

It is natural to worry about a loved one in federal custody, especially when the lengthy removal process can take months to resolve. A bond could not only secure their freedom but allow them to better assist with their defense. Reach out to a Charlotte immigration bond lawyer today to discuss your options.

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