Antoinette W.

Ms. Comacho was an excellent choice to help me through one of the most traumatizing times of my life. She was professional, efficient, and very personable in her dealings with me. My case flowed very swiftly and left me feeling very empowered to begin my newfound phase of life- that of a divorce’…
And Ernesto, who is Ms. Comacho’s law assistant, was absolutely exactly what I needed during my time with the firm. He is absolutely the most knowledgeable, helpful, and caring person. I couldn’t have asked for more. He always met me and my frequent questions with precise, to the point answers, and also with a prompt call back if he had find out something for me. His compassion, kindness and thoughtfulness was much appreciated. It was very apparent to me that he is a born people person. He really makes the difference in a person’s experience while a client there. I would recommend this duo to anyone looking for expertise and attention to close one door and step confidently through the next.

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