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When parents are divorcing or unmarried, it is the role of the court to determine questions of custody and parental rights. Problems can arise between the parties, often immediately after the court makes its decision.

If your co-parent is not holding up their obligations, a Charlotte child custody enforcement lawyer may be able to help. There are tools for resolving these disputes, and a dedicated family lawyer could answer your questions about the right option for you.

Common Examples of Violations

There are different circumstances that qualify as a violation of a custody order. With the help of a Charlotte child custody enforcement attorney, it may be possible to resolve these issues.


Alienation involves one parent disparaging another in front of their shared child. This can harm relationships and lead to conflict between the parties. These statements might involve direct attacks on another person, or they could subtly pressure the child to change how they interact with the other parent.

Refused Visitation

Another common child custody issue is the refusal of visitation. This might involve not allowing a parent to pick up a child at the scheduled time. In extreme cases, it might involve hiding the child or even leaving with them. This is a violation of the court order outside of situations where it prevents an imminent risk of harm.


It may also be necessary to seek legal counsel in cases where the other parent is interfering with your visitation, even if they are not outright refusing you access to the child. This usually involves scheduling other obligations that the co-parent has no control over during visitation times, like doctor’s appointments or tutoring sessions.

Options for Enforcing Custody

When you work with an attorney in Charlotte, they may be able to present you with a number of child custody enforcement options. In some situations, your lawyer may be able to reach a resolution with your co-parent without the need for litigation or legal action.

Some issues arise from honest mistakes or misunderstandings. Others stem from heightened emotions or raised tempers. When cooler heads prevail, it may be possible to reach an agreement that resolves the issue and brings both parents back into compliance with the court order.

When things cannot be resolved amicably, filing a motion for contempt with the court may be necessary. This type of legal action alleges that the other party failed to follow the requirements of the order. If the judge agrees, there are different remedies available. One common outcome is a requirement to comply with the order moving forward or to schedule make-up visits. In more serious situations, the judge might alter the parenting plan due to the violation. There is also the potential of incarceration for parties who refuse to comply or otherwise violate the ruling of the court.

Talk to a Charlotte Child Custody Enforcement Attorney Today

These situations can be heated under the best of circumstances. In order to protect yourself and your parental rights, it is a good idea to work with a Charlotte child custody enforcement lawyer.

While it may be possible to amicably resolve these disputes without legal action, preparing for a potential court appearance can be helpful. Call immediately for a private consultation to learn more.

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