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Charlotte Post-Divorce Disputes Lawyer

Separating from a spouse and navigating the divorce process is already challenging enough, but things can become even more complicated and frustrating if your ex-spouse does not follow the terms of your divorce agreement. For instance, if they fail to respect a child custody arrangement or provide you with the child support you need, you might not know where to turn.

Similarly, your circumstances or your ex’s situation can change, leading you to consider modifying or updating the terms of your various divorce agreements. If you are handling a post-divorce issue, our dedicated divorce attorneys are here to help. A Charlotte post-divorce disputes lawyer could listen to your concerns, assess your ex-spouse’s behavior, and help you get started on enforcing the terms of your divorce order.

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Common Reasons for a Post-Divorce Dispute

There are patterns behind some of the most common post-divorce disputes. Most issues are related to one spouse not following the court’s orders regarding child custody, child support, or the sale of previously shared assets.

For example, if one spouse agreed to change the title on an asset or sell a house by a certain date and they failed to do this, the other spouse would have legal justification to hold this individual accountable. Similarly, if one spouse fails to respect the conditions set out in a child custody arrangement, the other partner can work to hold them responsible for their actions.

However, it is key to understand that an actionable dispute needs to be based on a pattern of violating the terms of a divorce order. If one spouse is late picking their children up on a particular day, this would not constitute an actionable post-divorce dispute. A knowledgeable lawyer in Charlotte understands these nuances and could help you determine whether you can take action after a post-divorce dispute or disagreement.

Modifying a Divorce Order Due to a Change in Circumstances

While some divorced couples might need to work with legal representation to resolve a dispute and enforce the terms of an existing agreement, sometimes it makes more sense to update the terms of a divorce order to account for a substantial change in circumstances.

For example, if an ex-spouse started a new job and is making significantly more money than they used to, the other spouse could work to update the terms of the divorce agreement with the goal of obtaining a more-comprehensive child support payment.

Similarly, if an ex-spouse previously lived far away from a child’s school and was not able to help with picking them up, a 50/50 split of custody responsibilities might not have made sense. However, if this ex-spouse moves closer to the child’s school and can contribute more than they used to, a parent might consider updating the terms of their divorce agreement to ease their burden and avoid further disputes over custody obligations.

How to Modify or Update an Order

When it comes to actually updating or modifying an existing divorce order, this still needs to be done through an official motion. To begin, you have to serve the opposing party, and your case needs to proceed through mediation or potentially a trial. Thankfully, if you need help modifying a divorce agreement to resolve a post-separation dispute, our Charlotte attorneys can offer guidance and experience.

Call a Charlotte Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney About Your Legal Options

If you are frustrated by your ex-spouse consistently not following the terms of your divorce, you should remember that you can work with our legal team to resolve post-divorce issues. Similarly, if circumstances between you and your ex-spouse have changed and you believe you need to update a divorce agreement, our legal representatives are here to empower you.

A Charlotte post-divorce disputes lawyer could listen to your needs, answer any unique questions, and set you up for success. Reach out today to get started.

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