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Every year, countless people from around the world dream of immigrating to the United States. Living and working in this country might be their ultimate goal, but the process is not always easy. Not only must you qualify for a specific visa, but you will need to carefully follow immigration law throughout the process.

If you hope to become a lawful permanent resident, you could benefit from a discussion with a Concord green card lawyer. A dedicated immigration attorney from our firm could help you with everything from preparing your application to dealing with unreasonable delays.

The Benefits of a Green Card

There are numerous reasons why countless applicants seek a green card each year. It is an important step for anyone who hopes to make the United States their home. It is also a critical part of the naturalization process.

Some of the potential benefits of obtaining a green card include:

  • A path to citizenship
  • The ability to work in the U.S.
  • Eligibility for government benefits
  • Protections when traveling abroad

Obtaining lawful permanent resident status also has the potential to unify families. Once an applicant’s visa is approved, they have the opportunity to sponsor family members of their own to come to this country. That ability is even greater after becoming a citizen.

Applying for a Green Card

A division of the government known as United States Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) handles the application process for a green card. A sponsor, whether it is a family member or a potential employer, typically initiates the process by filing a petition. In certain employment-based immigration cases, the employer may also need to obtain certification from the federal government before applying.

Apart from the sponsor’s petition, the individual seeking a green card must also complete their own application. This application is comprehensive and necessitates providing detailed background information. The specific form employed may vary depending on the type of green card being sought. Additionally, there are supporting documents that must be included with the application.

Once filed, an applicant can do little more than wait. It can take time for applications to be considered, and many types of visas come with lengthy waitlists. Thankfully, a green card lawyer in Concord might be able to help with those delays.

What To Do About Delayed Applications

It is worth noting that the application process can take time. For some people, waiting for limited spots due to annual caps can result in a years-long wait. However, there are also situations where delays are unnecessary. In those cases, a Concord green card attorney might be able to help.

By reaching out to USCIS, an attorney might be able to resolve unintentional delays and get the case moving again. When this approach is not successful, there is the option to pursue a type of lawsuit known as a writ of mandamus. This lawsuit can require the government to reach a final decision on a visa application if the delays have been unreasonably long.

Let a Concord Green Card Attorney Help You

The path to lawful permanent residency and even citizenship runs through the visa application process. If you hope to live and work in this country now and in the future, you could benefit from the guidance of an attorney. Call a Concord green card lawyer today to learn more.

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