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For immigrants living in Gastonia, the threat of deportation is often considered to be a worst-case scenario. It can result in a person being forced to return to their country of origin, even in situations where doing so might not be safe.

The good news is that there are options for fighting back. When you hire a seasoned immigration attorney, you can work with them to determine the best way to approach your strategy. A Gastonia deportation defense lawyer from our firm could help you avoid removal in some situations.

What Leads to Deportation?

Only a limited number of individuals within the United States are eligible for deportation. Citizens cannot be removed from the country, and lawful permanent residents will only face deportation proceedings when they are convicted of a crime or otherwise violate immigration law.

Many people go through this process when they enter the country illegally. One of the most common causes of deportation involves an immigrant coming to the United States on a valid visa, and remaining in the country after it expires.

Criminal convictions are another major issue for immigrants. The vast majority of felony convictions will lead the federal government to determine that a person is inadmissible for a green card. Some misdemeanors will reach the same results. Regardless of the reason, a Gastonia deportation defense attorney might be able to help.

Potential Strategies for Avoiding Deportation

Facing these proceedings can be overwhelming, but there is an opportunity for you to secure a favorable outcome. A Gastonia deportation defense attorney could help you review the facts and determine the best approach. Some of the options include:


One viable strategy for avoiding removal is applying for asylum. When this status is granted, it allows a person that would otherwise not qualify for a green card to remain in the country indefinitely. In fact, an award of asylum could provide a path to citizenship. This option is only available to immigrants who can show they are at risk of imminent harm if they return to their home country due to their membership in a protected group. Examples of these protected groups include a person’s gender or political beliefs.

Lacking Grounds

The federal government has to establish that there is good reason for removing a person from this country—especially if they are a lawful permanent resident. Unfortunately, these agents are not immune to making mistakes. In some cases, they might pursue deportation proceedings when it is not appropriate.

Prosecutorial Discretion

United States Citizenship and Immigration—commonly known as USCIS—prosecutes these cases. What many do not realize is that their agents have some discretion when it comes to how they are handled. In some limited circumstances, it may be possible to convince the government to use its prosecutorial discretion and opt to not go through with removing a person from the country.

This outcome is uncommon. It is generally only available when the target of these efforts can show they have good character, or that they are responsible for the care of citizens or residents still living in the U.S.

Call a Gastonia Deportation Defense Attorney As Soon As Possible

If you are facing the threat of removal from the country, there is no time to delay. A positive outcome is never guaranteed, but having an attorney by your side could be your best chance. Reach out to a Gastonia deportation defense lawyer today to learn more.

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