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When the relationship between two parents sours, issues of child support can quickly become contentious. The party ordered to pay often feels that the amount is too much, while the receiving parent could believe it is not enough. Despite their feelings, complying with the terms of the court order is mandatory.

If your co-parent is not complying with their obligations, a Charlotte child support enforcement lawyer could help. Different options are available for securing what is owed, and a dedicated family law attorney could advise you on each.

How to Enforce a Child Support Order

Different options are available for collecting support when you work with a Charlotte child support enforcement attorney. One of the easiest ways to resolve support issues is by allowing your legal counsel to work out a voluntary payment. A discussion can be enough to resume payments, especially if lawyers are involved. This is an ideal outcome, given that it does not require any additional time, expense, or court appearances.

Unfortunately, a more aggressive approach is often needed. This involves pursuing a writ of execution that orders an employer to withhold the other parent’s wages in an effort to satisfy the debt. Garnishing wages is only one of the possible outcomes. Other options include:

  • A lien on real estate or vehicles
  • The suspension of driving privileges
  • Intercepting tax refunds or unemployment benefits
  • Loss of hunting, fishing, or professional licenses issued by the state

In the most serious cases, an attorney may ask the judge to hold the non-paying parent in contempt of court. This could result in the court imposing a fine or even sending that individual to jail for violating the terms of the order.

This approach is only used in the worst cases, given that a parent generally cannot earn money to pay these obligations if they are incarcerated. Your attorney could help you understand which of these options might be best for your case.

Child Support Enforcement Is Not Linked to Visitation Rights

It is vital that a parent who believes the other party is not meeting their court-ordered support obligation does not retaliate by withholding visitation rights. These are two separate issues determined by the court, and one side violating an order does not authorize the receiving parent to do the same.

It may seem natural to use access to a child as leverage to force these payments to occur, but doing so can only hurt you in the long run. Because there is an order in place regarding custody and visitation rights, violating it could result in punishment by the judge.

No matter how frustrating this situation becomes, following the terms of the judge’s ruling is the most important thing. Your Charlotte child support enforcement attorney is more likely to secure a favorable outcome in your case if you avoid breaching the terms of the order.

Speak With a Child Support Enforcement Attorney in Charlotte Today

Securing a favorable outcome in court is only the first step. In order to get the payments you are entitled to, it may be necessary to seek legal counsel that will help you enforce that order.

Let a Charlotte child support enforcement lawyer answer your questions during a private consultation. Call today to learn more about ensuring the court’s direction is followed.

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