Applying For a U Visa in Charlotte

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Applying for a U Visa in Charlotte

If you were the victim of a serious crime and are looking for a way to seek safety in the U.S., you should recognize that you have options, including a U visa. The U visa is a powerful immigration permit that helps the victims of qualifying crimes enter the United States and remain here safely. Applying for one of these permits can be a challenge, as there are numerous eligibility requirements and legal processes to navigate.

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The Basics of U Visas

U Visas were created as part of the Victim of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act in 2000. These permits intend to help law enforcement agencies with investigating and prosecuting cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes, while simultaneously offering protection to the victims and witnesses of the offenses in question. Under a U visa, an immigrant can usually remain in the country for four years.

To qualify for a U visa, a foreign national must have suffered substantial physical or mental abuse as a result of being the victim of a qualifying crime that occurred in the United States or breached U.S. law. Additionally, and applicant must possess credible and reliable information about the criminal activity in question. They must use this information to help or be willing to help law enforcement prosecute the offense. Finally, a U visa applicant must be admissible to the U.S. or qualify for a waiver.

If you need help understanding the basics of a U visa, determining whether you qualify for one, or getting started with the application process, an experienced Charlotte lawyer could assess your situation and offer preliminary guidance.

Beginning the Application Process

To start applying for a U visa, a Charlotte resident must obtain a certificate: supplement B of form I-918. This document certifies that the applicant suffered a qualifying criminal offense and was helpful in assisting law enforcement with the investigation.

This document gets signed either by law enforcement or by the relevant DA, depending on whether the criminal defendant was actually charged with a crime. Obtaining certification from a DA can be a challenging and lengthy process, as a DA typically won’t certify supplement B unless a criminal case is adjudicated and finished. It often takes upwards of a year for this to happen. Meanwhile, getting supplement B certified by law enforcement before a case is charged is typically easier and faster, as the case will transfer to a U visa certifying unit.

After getting their Supplement B certified, a prospective U visa recipient can begin the process of getting their application with USCIS started. A knowledgeable team member could answer questions about this process and help make sure your application is on the right track

Applying From Outside the U.S.

If a foreign national intends to apply for a U visa from outside the United States, there are some things they should understand. They need to obtain an “advanced permission” to enter the country as a non-immigrant, which an experienced lawyer could help with.

Additionally, even though the applicant is outside of the U.S., they need to demonstrate that the criminal activity they experienced violated U.S. law. For instance, if an applicant was hired to work in the country and their job changed significantly upon arrival, they can likely qualify for a U visa. If you need guidance while applying for a U visa from outside the U.S., our Charlotte team could help.

Call Our Team About Applying For a U Visa in Charlotte

If you suffered due to criminal activity and believe you qualify for a U visa, you should prioritize discussing your situation with our compassionate immigration team. Applying for a U visa in Charlotte can be a lengthy and demanding process, so getting started as soon as possible can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. To ask questions, evaluate your options, and understand your next steps, reach out to our knowledgeable team members today.

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