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Child support is money intended for the maintenance and well-being of minor children. It covers needs such as housing, food, clothing, and medical care. Child support is paid by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent. The noncustodial parent must pay child support until the child is 18 years old or until the child graduates high school.

Child support arrangements and amounts can be voluntary, meaning the two separated parents have made an agreement outside of court. If this is not the case, however, then the custodial parent can bring a complaint to family court to make the other person pay child support. In order to have child support payments recalculated, you must file to modify.

If you need to adjust child support payment amounts, a Pineville child support modification lawyer could be a vital ally. Reach out to our firm today to learn more.

How Is Child Support Determined?

When determining child support amounts, the state of North Carolina considers the earning capacity of both parents, the number of children involved, their standard of living, as well as housing, food, medical insurance, special needs, and other essential expenses for the child or children.

Earning capacity is calculated based on gross income. If a parent is currently unemployed, the judge may look at their previous salary as proof of earning capacity and calculate child support payments that way. An individual’s education and profession may also be factors if, for example, they are underemployed and could be contributing more money. A child support modification attorney in Pineville could assess each unique co-parenting situation and how the laws will apply.

Modifying Child Support Amounts

The person paying child support has a right to have the case reviewed every three years to see if they are eligible to modify the amount. In order to request a child support modification, a parent must show proof of a “material change in circumstances.” Examples of these changes include:

  • Custody changes
  • Having another baby
  • Living with/providing for stepchildren
  • An increase in income of more than 15%
  • Unemployment or a loss of income of more than 15%

A skilled Pineville child support modification attorney could help you collect the necessary evidence and documentation to prove your financial standing in family court.

Proving a Change in Circumstances

Important documents to bring to meetings with your Pineville child support modification attorney include:

  • Pay stubs
  • Tax returns
  • Bank statements
  • Proof of childcare expenses
  • Custody orders, if there has been a change
  • Proof of any special needs/medications and health insurance for the child

Together, this collection of evidence can prove how the financial circumstances of one or both parents have changed over time.

Stopping Child Support

Child support does not end automatically. The paying parent must petition to terminate child support once the child is 18 and has graduated high school. They can also petition to terminate if the child has been legally emancipated.

Otherwise, potential premature termination of child support payments is entirely up to the recipient. In extreme cases, such as when the paying parent is in an accident that leaves them permanently unable to work, they can try to bring their case to court with the help of a Pineville child support modification attorney.

Get Help from a Pineville Child Support Modification Attorney

If you are a divorced parent who believes they are paying too much or receiving too little in child support, we understand your frustrations.

Hiring a Pineville child support modification lawyer brings numerous benefits. With an in-depth knowledge of applicable laws, it is our goal to ensure you meet all necessary requirements for a child support change. Reach out to our firm now to save time, gain confidence, and get the legal advice you need.

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