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Obtaining a green card is the process of establishing yourself as a permanent resident of the United States. There are still additional processes after receiving permanent residence to secure U.S. citizenship if you wish to do so. However, once you have a green card, you have the legal rights and responsibilities to live and work in the country permanently.

For those who wish to begin the naturalization process, obtaining a permanent resident status is the first crucial step to take. Schedule a consultation with a Pineville green card lawyer when you have questions or need help navigating the legal process. Our reliable immigration attorneys are here to help assist you on your journey and ensure your success.

What Is a Green Card?

A green card allows an immigrant or foreign national to become a lawful permanent United States resident. Once you complete the immigration process to obtain approval and become a green card holder, you have the legal right to live and acquire employment anywhere you please. This status also entitles you to certain rights, freedoms, and protections.

How to Get a Green Card

There are various procedures for acquiring a green card, and the proper route for you will depend on many factors, such as whether you have a relative who is a U.S. citizen. One available process for those with U.S. family members is asking them to petition the immigration court on their behalf.

Other methods include filing for refugee status or as an asylum seeker. Our Pineville green card attorneys understand your challenges and knows the process is often confusing and overwhelming. Our team could review your situation and help determine the best strategy for you.

Consular Processing for Legal Permanent Resident Status

Consular processing is one of the legal processes available to obtain lawful permanent resident status to the United States. According to the instructions of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, after the division approves your application for legal permanent resident status, they will assign you an immigration visa number, making you a green card holder immediately. That means you will have the legal right to live and work within the country without any mandated waiting period.

Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of status is another option to obtain a green card and is available to those already residing in the United States. The regulation allows you to initiate and complete the process without returning to your home country.

Regardless of the method you take for a green card, two forms are almost always required: the immigrant petition and Green Card Application, or Form I-485. A sponsor must also file a petition on behalf of the applicant in many cases, but not always.

With so many variables, it can be hard to determine where to start or which route is best for you. We know you have a lot at stake, and our Pineville green card attorneys could help you file any necessary paperwork, prepare for interviews, and take proactive measures against delays or unjust denials.

Let a Pineville Green Card Attorney Be Your Advocate

Completing the process to obtain a green card is complicated and confusing for most people. Even one misstep or a minor error could mean extending the time frame for application approval, paying unnecessary costs, or receiving a denial.

Our compassionate Pineville green card lawyers understand the stressful process you face and could offer legal guidance and help throughout every step. Call today to schedule an appointment with a seasoned legal professional when you need help completing the process for permanent residency.

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