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Ending a marriage always has its challenges, but the stakes are higher when it comes to a couple with significant assets. Dividing this property can be a complicated process, and a single error can lead to significant financial repercussions.

A Charlotte high-asset divorce lawyer could help you protect your rights during this contentious time. The right approach can ensure the court has all the needed information when it comes time to make a decision. Let a seasoned family law attorney help you navigate the system.

High-Asset Divorces are Different

The breakdown of a marriage comes with additional complications when there is valuable property at stake. While the legal requirements of divorcing—including residency and service of process—are the same as anyone else, disputes over the division of marital property can be especially challenging.

The value of these assets is an issue, but their nature can also complicate things. For example, rare art or closely held businesses can be difficult to place a dollar value on. This can lead to a dispute not only over who deserves what but how much each asset is worth in the first place.

Determining the value of rare or unusual assets requires the help of experts. A Charlotte attorney could provide you with connections to experienced professionals with the credentials to value marital property.

Common Issues in High Net Worth Divorce Cases

Many of the difficulties that come with these cases are no different than any other divorce. Questions of child custody and visitation are often a top priority. There are other circumstances that are best dealt with by a high-asset divorce attorney in Charlotte. Some examples include the following:

Devaluing Assets

One way a party can unfairly impact the division of property is by attempting to devalue an asset. This is more of an issue with rare or unique property. While there is a consensus on how to value things like single-family homes and common motor vehicles, putting a price tag on a rare piece of art or commercial real estate is much more subjective.

Unreasonable Division Requests

Tensions can run high in these cases, which can lead one or both parties to act unreasonably. This often comes in the form of one spouse demanding an inequitable split of the marital property. An attorney could make the case for a fair outcome.

Jointly-Owned Businesses

Dealing with the matter of business ownership can be problematic. While the solution for most assets is to sell them and divide the proceeds, getting rid of an income-generating business might not be the best option. Likewise, splitting off portions of the enterprise might risk collapsing it entirely.

Hidden Assets

In an effort to frustrate the division of marital property, some parties may attempt to hide assets. In some cases, this might involve efforts that begin well before a divorce petition is ever filed. They could include liquid assets like bank accounts or even unknown real estate purchases placed in the name of a legal entity.

Speak With a Charlotte High-Asset Divorce Attorney Immediately

When you are facing the end of your marriage, it is crucial that you protect your property rights. The support of legal counsel could put you in the best position to secure what you deserve. Reach out to a Charlotte high-asset divorce lawyer as soon as possible to learn more.

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